Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism


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Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism
Comments by Brad - 13 Jan 2010

These comments are in reference to the article: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism

I just finished reading your article on Christianity's Role in the Rise of Paganism, and I applaud the author. Being a man who left Christianity almost 20 years ago, and has been pagan for 17 of those, this article is the very first I've read in all that time where a Christian presents such arguments for the sacredness of the universe ('creation' in your tongue).

To simply consider the universe as sacred automatically induces respect for it and that is something that this world needs now more than ever, regardless of your faith. I am glad to see that finally after so long, people are putting their heads together on both sides of the pagan/christian line and seeing that this world is God's Sacred Gift, not just to us, but to all Life, that it is holy, and requires respect.

Thanks for posting it!