Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism


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Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism
Comments by Green - 11 Jan 2010

These comments are in reference to the article: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism

[Ed. Note] This comments was forwarded to us by Oberon.

I wonder about Some of the base assumptions in it though, particularly the idea that modern Christianity is evolving into *"a doctrine, attitude, or way of life centered on human interests or values." *When were the Abrahamic faiths ever NOT this? The teachings pervading the bible have almost solely to do with Human reconciliation with the divine in life in order to seek union with the divine in death.

There were a few shining saints and heretics of course (Francis of Assisi springs to mind), but right from the influence of (Saul/Paul) Christianity has been infused with a strong theme of antipathy towards nature, even to the point of antipathy towards ones own physical body whose natural physicality was a source of temptation to sin.

Green (the escaped Catholic)