Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism


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Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism
Comments by Thermal - 10 Jan 2010

These comments are in reference to the article: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism

[Ed. Note] This comments was forwarded to us by Oberon.

I liked the article, but feel it's really rude to humanism.

Real humanism by logical extension must respect our environment, it's the home we live in. I understand that there is a language dialect to current Christian dialogue that assumes "humanism" is in error because it raises humans up against "the will of God" as revealed by whatever sect leader is ranting at the moment, but there is a secular humanism demonized by these people which embraces environmentalism, social justice, societies based on contribution instead of greed, and real regulation of the current state of corporate feudalism.

I don't think secular or religious humanism is the culprit, or should be used as a whipping boy instead of pointing directly to the real people involved in the rape of the environment and working people worldwide.

Why will no one point at the leaders of the big corporations, with their multimillion dollar salaries and robber-baron "bonus" ripoffs, as the real villains.

These people are not even vaguely Christian, they worship mammon, and are so afflicted with greed they long ago became psychotic.

But they sure have the money to buy politicians, "religious leaders", and radio talk-show bigmouth liars.