Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism


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Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism
Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 10 Jan 2010

These comments are in reference to the article: Christianity’s Role in the Rise of Paganism

We published this article in the Christian Living Articles section of our web site on 20 Feb 2004, because it reflected much of our own feelings and ministry.  Even though this article has had an average of one visitor a day oven the past five years, we have had only a few one line comments about it, both pro and con.

Now, we are getting a lot of interest from the Pagan community who recognize the truth in this article, and for the most part are praising it.

Since we began our ministry many years ago, we have been working to end the hardness of heart and indifference to the suffering of animals and the people who care about them, for we saw that it was chasing many compassionate Christians out of the churches, and even away from Christianity.  After we began our web site in January 1998, we began to see that there were people all over the world who felt the same way, and today we estimate that we minister to a million people, most of whom have left the church for reasons stated above.

The following comments from Pagans are a testimony against the church and their lack of true love and compassion for God and the whole of His creation.