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Re: Abuse of Children and Animals - 17 Feb 2006

By Benjamin - 27 Apr 2016

In keeping our discussion grounded, Frank, may I end our “Slaughterhouse” dialogue by saying, that I purely wanted to say that God did not install a Butcher Shop in Eden to supply man with meat (Animal flesh). And in case someone might suggest otherwise, because of the animal skins God clothed Adam and Eve with, after they’d sinned, I made that proviso. 

The way in which God provided animal skins to cover Adam and Eve, I always took, in the context of the scripture which says, “Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission on sins” and the continuation of animal sacrifices for man’s forgiveness, up until Christ made the once and for all perfect sacrifice for sin, at which time animals needed to be sacrificed no more. So, I am not sure you can categorically rule “slaughter” out in this case. There is more evidence for it than against it, put it that way.

When you speak of “Another Ice Age,” I have much difficulty with the world’s ideas about what they casually refer to as an event which happened 6.4 million years ago or 6.6 million years ago, depending on which source you care to Google the information from. With a mere 200,000 years gap between the two estimates in time when this ice age was supposed to have happened, my mind simply boggles at such an inaccurate science, which cannot pinpoint something so adamantly believed in and adhered to.

For information on matters of history, such as the ice age, I initially try to find answers in the Bible or in this case, I look to sources more informed than I am, to try to understand it better. On the Ice Age, I turn to the “Answers in Genesis” organisation, who give this informative background concerning the topic of the ice age.

Regarding your question, "Have you ever met T? He is very interesting to talk to, and we agree with your conclusion. Since I am corresponding with you from Australia and only recently encountered your website quite by chance, you may need to clarify exactly who “T” is before I can elaborate further. 

Thank you for your interest and engagement in these matters, which I prefer to think of as the “Weightier Matters” of life.

Warmest Christian regards,


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