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Re: Abuse of Children and Animals - 17 Feb 2006

By Benjamin - 25 Apr 2016

To zero in on this one paragraph from your ďAbuse of Children and Animals" Blog, I, too was raised in similar circumstances at around the same time in another part of the world. It has taken a lifetime for me reach agreement with exactly what you are saying here.

My one comment is this: There were no ďSlaughterhousesĒ in the Garden of Eden, where God placed mankind when he created us and ordained what mankind was to be nourished by in the form of food. See Genesis 1: 29, Mankind thrived on Godís diet up to the time of His judgement on the world by water in the time of Noah. And the Bible records not one case of sickness up to that time.

It was after the Flood, when no plant foods were available for a time, that man needed to be sustained, I believe temporarily, by animal flesh, because there was nothing else to eat. Once man got the taste for animal flesh, he never stopped eating it and did not go back to Godís original diet, which he would obviously have been better off doing. Following Godís word is always the best course to follow for all men at all times. The results can plainly be observed in Scripture, where manís longevity took a giant plunge and it was not long before the scriptures record the first cases of sickness.

It may seem like a minor point compared to the many other legitimate points you make, but it is an important point I think, and one worth making. I hope you agree.

In case youíre wondering, I know whereof I speak, as they say. Iím not a bleeding heart city slicker. I was born in a small town (approximate population: 25,000) surrounded by farms. I still remember the cow at a very small farm and how she wailed when her calf was taken away and slaughtered. I was only about 5 or 6 years old, but I sensed something was very wrong. (Just a few days ago, I found an old photo of this cow on the farm where my family spent a lot of time in the 1940ís.) There were other such experiences involving family-run farms and slaughterhouses, also.


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