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Comments by: John Chetcuti - 14 Mar 2008

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Dear Joyful Curmudgeon,

Thanks for your blog and website. I regularly read your comments and articles, which I am in agreement with.

I find reading your site to be spiritually uplifting.

One issue that is important to me as far as furthering the cause of animal rights is to oppose the use of violence, including property damage, by those claiming to be for animal rights. No good for animals can come from committing such activities.

From a public relations standpoint, they are so damaging that I wonder if those involved in performing the acts are provocateurs working for industry. They could just be plain stupid.

Whenever there is a case of property damage or violence, advocates of the animal “agriculture” industry immediately and effectively use the incident in the news media to tarnish all advocates for animal rights and the reputation of the cause in general.

I find it bothersome that some groups, such as PETA, by failing to strongly condemn violence, tacitly condone it.

I generally only support animal advocates who make definitive statements condemning acts of violence and property damage.

I would like to recommend Gary L Francione abolitionist site. He has made definitive statements condemning violence.

I think his ideas complimentary to yours, but from an secular point of view.

Many Thanks

John Chetcuti

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