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Comments by: Karrie - 11 Feb 2007

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Re: Shark Oil or Snake Oil? - 7 Mar 2006


I received this same sample yesterday in the mail. i was very interested in it until I understood that the product is actually dead shark oil. eek!

I have recently made the decision to become vegetarian after watching videos of factory farming. This was very disturbing to me, but I have not decided to go vegan as I do love my leather boots and jacket and also my car seats are leather. But it still leaves a layer of guilt over me.

I just read an article in the latest 'time' issue and there is an article on horse meat. apparently in other countries horse meat is normal but here it is illegal in many places.

I guess in the USA there are factories that produce horse meat to sell to other countries but not here. The author of the article was finally able to get horse meat shipped here from Canada, tried it, liked it, ... I think the author was trying to show the hypocrisy we have on eating animals. Some are okay to eat others are not.

Yes, horses are beautiful, but so are cows. so are sharks. some countries eat dogs and cats, here you would be thrown in prison. Shrugs...

I am assuming there is a point somewhere in all the typing I have done above. What it is, heck if I!!!

I have found that squalane is also derived from olives and have heard rave reviews of it on the beauty bulletin boards. So there is no need to harm any animal to get the benefits of squalane.


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