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Comments by: Marcia Riemenschneider - 3 Jan 2007

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Re: Shark Oil or Snake Oil? - 7 Mar 2006

okay first of all, you should get all your facts before bashing a product. i happen to work for that "woman doctor" that sells this product. if you were to read into it, the shark liver oil used in her line of squalane products is derived from deep water sharks that were already killed, mostly sharks caught in fishing nets. the sharks are already dead. it's not as if we run out and kill them for profit. if you want to blame anyone, it would be the fishermen out there catching them in the nets to begin with, just so you can have a nice quiet evening at home while eating your poached salmon dinner. the dead sharks are used for several other things as well, shark bone and cartilage are used in supplements and medicines for example. i could run down the whole list of how the sharks are used, and im sure you would be more than surprised. it's alright that you threw out our product, and it's alright that you refuse to use it, but just keep this in mind, for every "one" of you that throws it out, theres "ten" behind you calling us up and ordering it...

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