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Animal Stories
Comments by Monica - 5 Dec 2010

In Reference to: Tange

I just love stories with happy endings!

I think Kathy Murray and her teams of zoo keepers and the assessment of Carol Buckley were such a bless for these African elephants!! discovering friendly ways to teach them and learning a big deal with them about the benefits of positive training.

I also think that the zoo director Glenn Dobrogosz is a very thoughtful man who had the great vision of allow retirement to these wonderful creatures and did not give up until he found a nice mini paradise for the African elephants The Sanctuary.

Congratulations for the Elephant Sanctuary for making it a lot bigger for a 100 elephants!! God bless them all the human beings who try to give a second chance to these baby elephants even outside their habitats. God may also forgive those who killed the families of the orphan elephants around the mean!

Thank you for publishing this article; it was a learning experience.

Best regards