Animals are also Living SoulsAnimals are also Living Souls
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By Jared - 12 Jan 2015

So, by your logic, do we then need to never kill another mosquito who bites us? Exterminate an ant hill who's stealing our food? If you're going to put EVERY Animal at par with humans, mate, you need to also consider where your vegetables are coming from, they could be taken out of an ecosystem of bugs who will subsequently die because you were so selfish to want to be sustained...

Point is, I don't think that you actually believe this article. (That means no killing cockroaches or spiders, because genesis 1:24 lumps creeping things in with your living souls...) I say this with love because I don't want my saviors Gospel spat upon.

You need to Stop living to make your own points and preaching your own cleverness and ideals. And start living to preach the gospel

Jeremiah 9:24 "But let him who glories, glory in this. That he understands and knows Me."

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