Animals are also Living Souls


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Animals are also Living Souls
Comments by Cindy - 15 Dec 2009

I honestly hope that our animals go to heaven, it's sad to think that once they die that's the end of them.

I'm around church people all the time and everybody says the same thing they have a spirit not a soul, and I hate hearing that because I love animals so much.

I've been a vegetarian going on 27 years. I hate the thought of what these little animals go thru just because people love to kill. I get so tired of people wanting to kill, kill, kill, and a lot of them kill just to have something to do because their bored.

I surely hope that what all is in your article is right. I printed it out so I can read it pretty often, because animals mean A LOT to me, so much that I get told I'm mental, because I do love them so much, but they give you unconditionally love, their always there for you when people will let you down.

Thank you for your article. and my saying on the mental part is, who's to say I might be the normal one and their the mental one. If you want to send me some more encouraging scriptures, I would greatly appreciate it.

Be blessed and thank you again.