Animals are also Living Souls


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Animals are also Living Souls
Comments by Jesse Quist - 27 Jan 2009

Hello, I do agree with you on the fact that animals are also living souls, due to substantial evidence in the bible, but there are certain things in the article I do the agree with and I will let you know why, animals do not possess the same spirit as man you see, there is no evidence in the bible to support that statement. To keep it simple, the ordinance that men should eat the flesh of the beasts was given after the flood, read the account of Noah, and if the statement that animals possess the same spirit and are the same as men was true, then you would have to examine Jesus closely because He ate fish.

After His death when He appeared on the beach He actually roasted some fish in wait of His disciples, I think that can be found in acts... anyways man was given dominion over animals meaning man possesses a higher estate, and you have to be careful about the way you took the learning from the serpent and the wisdom from animals to mean that they have the same intuition as man, those were used as symbolism, God gave them that wisdom but those instincts are imprinted into the animal so they have no choice but to follow it, unlike how man is given free will... an ant will always collect and save food, I don’t think I ever came over a lazy ant, the wisdom to draw from it is to “be prepared for the future troubles with our savings”.

And you have to be careful of some passages in the bible especially, the book of Ecclesiastes, you have to be aware that there are errors in the bible, let me explain that thought, all scripture is divinely inspired don’t get me wrong, meaning the errors are also placed there by divine direction, there are 3 views presented in the bible. God’s views, which is always true, mans views which is sometimes true and sometimes false, and the devils views which is always false. The devil sometimes presents truth from his view but he uses it out of context making it a false truth, if that makes sense...(ex. Using the scripture from psalm, for He has given His angels charge over you lest you dash your foot against a stone, that statement is truth, but God did not say intentionally dash your foot and He will command His angels to help you, that is tempting God) With that point made, Ecclesiastes was a book filled with mans views, now you have to understand that God allows this for a reason, He shows the error’s and flaws in mans thinking, to give the consequences, and in the end presents you with the way you should think. This is shown by the repentance of Solomon’s thoughts in chp. 12 of Ecclesiastes, as he mentions the grasshopper then he mentions “man goes to his awaited home” if animals were amongst that list, it would have been presented especially after mentioning grasshopper shows that he had animals in mind. I hope you see the points I am trying to present, always be very careful of what you teach the children of God, because the bible does say it will be worse for anyone who teaches these children the wrong way, than if a mile stone was hung around their necks and they were dropped in the sea. Now when God says all animals will praise him, he also says even the inanimate objects will praise him like the stones, this is to show the might and power of God... His awesome presence as to make the impossible possible ,but it is not to be taken as stones or birds are equal to man. Now I am not saying this is reason to slaughter animals for no reason, it is far from the thought that man should part take in animal cruelty, since the bible even tells us to love animals, but they are provided for the survival of man, and if we have to kill a goat to survive, it is something we must do, just like how a lion will run after a deer in order to feed its cubs.

Now I am not saying that it is wrong to be a vegetarian, but what I am saying is you shouldn’t say it’s wrong to eat meat because the bible says so, the bible makes no such reference, I do believe that a purely vegetable diet is healthier, but it shouldn’t be made religious.

Please be careful how you interpret the bible to fit your views. I do hope all is well with you, have a great day, and let us continue and encourage each other on this quest for truth.

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