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By Kim - 15 Feb 2014

Thank you for your email Frank.

Snow is coming to Boston and it's more and worse than the previous forecast said.
In my whole life long ago when I was a little girl and did not know about vegetarian or vegan but when I saw animals in the zoo I wished I could free all of them. 
They said children can learn from the zoos but I think they said that just because they want money, not because they care about animals.
To me, zoos do more harm than good for animals or human
I don't want to kill the hawk but I'll will if I have no choice, in a circumstance that I have to choose one decision either let the pigeon get killed or kill the hawk, I'll choose the second option.  I'd leave that in God's hands when I cannot help them, but if I could I'll take an action = killing the hawk.



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