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By Kim - 14 Feb 2014

Dear Frank,

I'm dying because of the snow.  There's more snow coming tomorrow.  I heard that New York is worse than Boston.   )-:

I'd like to ask you this.

I've been thinking about the hawk that killed the pigeon the other day.  and recently a zoo killed a giraffe for their other meat eating animals, and they're going to kill the second giraffe for the same purpose.

I'm not supporting the idea of killing any living being, however if I can select only one either killing the hawk or the pigeon, I'll kill the hawk.  If I have to kill either a giraffe (although just one) or other meat eating animals (more than one), I'll kill the other animals.

A friend of mine did not agree.  She said that the hawk have to kill pigeons for his babies, so if the hawk does not have food then his babies will die.

I don't like to see living beings killing one another -> the hawk or meat eating animals are better died instead of producing more generation and there'll be more more other animals have to die for their food.

I don't expect you to agree with me, but I still believe I'm not wrong.

I'm looking forward to hear your opinion.



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