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By Karolin - 11 Feb 2014

Dear Frank and Mary,
I think of the giraffe as an individual that was fed to the lions.....worthless. Like all of the other animals.  I am upset that people watched this and did nothing to help him. I hope good comes out of this but it was not his duty to pay for the misery of others and hold the burden. I don't know why this one upset me so.
I agree with you about speaking peacefully and I will do so. I am noticing a lot of progress on my facebook page now. People are commenting in a positive way and sending me messages.
I pray for you and you pray for me so that we can make this a better world for all but especially our animals. Those are the innocent ones, the children God tells us about.
I just wish that we could do this faster because I don't want to feel their pain anymore.
I am tired and sad because I know that every waking second of the day that I have freedom, animals are enslaved and tortured. I imagine how scared I would be to face those humans every day who inflict pain, sorrow and fear onto them.
Sometimes I think that if I would volunteer to be cut up alive, it would send a message and many people would think. Perhaps they would jus think I am crazy. Don't worry, the fear of pain hold me back from that.
Well, I just will keep on going and try to do my best.

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