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By Kim - 2 Feb 2014

Dear Frank,

Did you hear the news about the pope released 2 doves then they were attacked by a seagull immediately?

it raised me a couple of questions. 

What the purpose of releasing the doves?  I know a dove is a simple of Peace, but the act of doing that is not an act of Peace.  A dove is not a wild animal, how can he survive in the wild? 

By doing that he shows people that he did not care about animals (I'm not surprised).  Does he have to release the dove to show that he cares about Peace?  What if himself or other people don't release a dove so they don't care about Peace?

I hate to say this, but I feel shameful being a catholic

Another question is for you:  Are seagulls birds of prey?  In my area, when I fed pigeons, seagulls came to eat with pigeons with no problems.  I never saw seagulls attack pigeons.

Do you think the bird that attacked the 2 doves was a seagull?



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