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By Kim - 1 Feb 2014

Good evening,

Once I said to you that we can try to do the best we can for animals, and there's a lot of things we want to do for them but we can't.

This evening I went to the place I frequently go to feed the pigeons.  After I poured food on the ground, about 20 pigeons came immediately to eat.  About 1 minutes later all of them took off quickly panic stricken.  I noticed a mean big bird standing on a handrail nearby.  I knew this one will pick one among those pigeons so kept watching him.  When a crowd of people approaching, he took off and I saw a pigeon in his feet struggling for life with feathers flying in the air.

The big bird landed on a hill nearby and the pigeon was still struggling.  I threw rocks at him but could not reach him.  I saw the pigeon struggling and  could not get off the bird's toes.

After this brief incident, all pigeons did not come for food although the food was still on the ground.

My point is we don't know what we do is good or bad for the animals.  If I did not feed the pigeons, they would not come as a group and the big bird wouldn't attack them.  Because of me, the pigeon died terribly in front of me.

I don't know why God created animals in a way that one animal kill another for food.

What do you think?


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