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By Red - 30 Nov 2005

You can't deny that chicken and cow is big business. You will really never be able to stop them since there is so much money involved.

The truth is until some creates a small pill which consists of a full meal I will probably continue eating poultry. It is the sad truth but I just can't go complete off of meat.

As far as Pigs go I try to stay away from them. I eat bacon every now and then but I am not a huge fan of the pork. Pigs have been known to be companions to humans so this kind of plays a role in it. I prefer cats to other animals they seem really intelligent and they are pretty much as close as you will get to the king of the jungle. Plus they are fun to pet and play with. Not sure why people eat them though they do not look like they would taste good at all.

You know the thing is us humans are at the top of the food chain and there are a lot of meat eating animals below us in that chain. I applaud you for your movement and your effort and hope you get as many people as you can onboard. Maybe one day they will at least use more humane ways of slaughtering and treating these animals that are raised for consumption. <--- that would be the first step.

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