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Animals: Tradition - Philosophy - Religion Articles
Comments by Ken - 16 Apr 2011

In Reference to: Man's Role with Animals According to the Bible

Interesting work. I mean in a good way! I was doing a study on "beast of burden" and happened upon your website. Your work on the subject really draws people into wanting to read the whole page without subjugating people to condemnation. In other words it makes you think and possibly open your mind to change your thoughts. There is one part of Genesis that I struggle with as a man and that is "The fall" . Read what Adam did once they left the garden after the fall. He named his wife. In the garden he named the animals outside the garden he named his wife. What does a women do when she gets married to a man? She is renamed. The rib was taken from man in Genesis - not a piece of bone from his head or his foot but from his middle. I call my wife my soulmate - my rib returning -as one- my equal. I believe that is part of the curse of the fall as you read man's curse and the women's curse. It is a struggle within us not to see each other as such but because of redemption through the cross we can receive the garden or kingdoms original purpose of man and wombed man/woman.

Second part of a thought you provoked is that the original sacrifice of the fall was an animal to cloth Adam and Eve. Blood was spilt for God's children. Again another part of the fall. Today the majority of clothing is made from plants - gardening - which was one of Adams original purposes as God's child. Because of God's word I as a man am able to draw revelation for God's purpose in "His kingdom to come" and my lovely lady/soulmate and children are reaping the benefits of beginning to focus on eternal living in His kingdom as His children. Great article!