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By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Roger Kimble
13 May 2001

Dear Pat,

If it is any consolation to you, and it certainly should show you that you are not alone,  I have been dong many of the things you are involved in for too many years to mention.  Stopping traffic for turtles, birds learning to fly, injured creatures of all sorts, and the list goes on and on.  Yes, people make their remarks, and put you down, but that is okay too.  You do what you have to do.

I now have 14 cats, twelve females spayed, and two males neutered, that were dropped alongside the highway.  The spaying and neutering I took care of, of course.   One of the cats I got after it was hanged by the neck in a tree, with a rope.   A lady finally responded to it's cries and dropped it at a vet. The vet called me, and it had a home.  Doing quite well now, btw. :)

So Pat, again, you do what you have to do.  I minored in philosophy in college, but finally figured out they didn't have the answers either, hence all the opposing viewpoints held by the great minds.  They could not agree on what day it was.  I now believe the Bible to be the very thing it is purported to be: The Word of God.  Kind of a How To book on living, if you will.  In it, I cannot find a definitive answer on whether or not animals have souls.  I personally believe it is possible, and I lean towards their possessing a soul.

However, whether or not they have a soul, I know they hunger, feel pain, love, get thirsty, all of this. Anything you can do to relieve this makes you a far more feeling person than the average John/Jane Doe on the street.  So let them scoff.  They are God's creatures, and I think you may be surprised later on to learn that you were doing God's work in helping His creations.

On the organized religion side of your lament, I won't say it is a lost cause, because nothing is lost until we give up trying.  But you have a difficult task ahead of you in convincing some of the ministers of the useless and agonizing pain that we humans inflict on animals.  And you may never convince them that animals have a soul.   Pride, I think, rears it's head here, for if animals have souls, then we are little better than they.  Hard to swallow, and most won't swallow.  Ministers however, do not have the last word, and some will be surprised to learn this.  God will have, and does have, the final utterance concerning this.

Don't get bogged down in scholastic, academic pseudo-intellectualism in trying to ascertain by what criteria you are making your judgments.  We have a wonderful gift, seldom used much anymore, and it is called a conscience.  All kinds of truths in there, and all people have one.  Amazing thing!  Follow it, the Bible, and it's pretty hard to get far off track.  Leave the analyzing to those that revel in it.   You are more action oriented and seems you are doing a fine job.

Again, alone? No, there are many, many out there fighting the same battle.   So when you get discouraged, think of them. Better yet, think of the animals you have helped, say a prayer for endurance and strength, and remember you are not alone.

God Bless,


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