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lambleft.jpg (4091 bytes)lambrt.jpg (4118 bytes)Feelings of Aloneness
By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Peter
12 May 2001

Dear Pat, Nathan and others,

Like in Genesis, breath of life (spirit) and dust of earth makes a living soul. All living creatures seem to follow the same pattern. This way we all are living souls and animals included.

If we are truly Christians we would have the (agape) God's unconditional love toward all creatures or at least open to learn.  I wonder, too, like Nathan said <<HOW OUR INDIFFERENCE TO ANIMALS HAS EVEN INDUCED SUFFERING UPON HUMANKIND. That is the terrible evil that has shown how evil we have (some of us) become..... >> Looks like it starts with ourselves -- are we willing to ask ourselves if WE are OPEN to God's Word or are we just following the "Christian crowd" and accept what they have to say.  All through the Judo - Christian history only the very minority "remnant" seem to have surrender their lives.   Not too many were willing to listen to Noah either.

In His wonderful mercy,

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