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By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Patricia Zimmer
29 May 2001

(This was a personal e-mail that Pat gave permission to publish.)

Dear Frank and Mary,

This is just a short thank you for going out on a limb with my letter.

All of this is so devastating and emotionally upsetting to me that I can only take in so much and still remain sane.  I will read the others' responses to this either tomorrow or the next day and will respond to veg-Christian.

To tell you the truth, the major's religions' views toward animals and their souls get me so very upset and even afraid.  I am only going to say one more thing in this note to you at this time because I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes and I can't start crying here at work.  If the Lord acted the way these people (religious leaders in churches and their parishioners), do, then I am afraid I would not want to be with Him.   And (I know that I sound like a real child here, but that is who I am, an oldish child), if there are no animals in Heaven, and if I am not going to ever be able to be with my beloved animals and friends that I have lost, then you can count me out of Heaven.   I choose to go where ever the animals go and have gone.  I am sorry but this is how I have always been and I guess I will never grow up and have real adult emotions.  

Can't write anymore right now. I hurt to the core.


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