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By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Patricia Zimmer
11 May 2001

Dear All,

I had sent a couple of emails to Mary and Frank Hoffman before I joined this [veg-Christian] discussion group, to which I haven't said really anything yet.  I am trying to write something to submit to their site but I only have a computer here at work so I have little time to devote to it.  And I can't really get into things at length here because it would take up too much room.  Therefore I am sending an email such as it is.

I believe with all my being that animals have souls.  I have not had the support of any family, church, or really anyone I know in my belief.  Also, I don't know why I can't seem to trust God enough to take care of things and make things right?   Many days I don't know how I can get up in the morning and face another day of seeing and hearing atrocities against animals.  Animal after animal, and animal parts squashed and splattered all over the roads.  People just driving blindly over their dead bodies as if they were running over a paper cup or something. 

What does get me out of bed is the fact that I have nine cats now (I just lost my 19 year old cat a couple of weeks ago) and my four dogs.  And the fact that I feel if I help or save even one helpless animal that it was worth getting up for.  I have stopped traffic many times for rabbits, squirrels, turtles, etc.  I seem to be so intimidating when I do this that traffic stops in both directions and no one even honks their horn.  I guess they get a kick out of watching the crazy lady but I really don't care what they think.

Within the last year I have presented my beliefs (re: animal souls), to some religious leaders because I wondered why the churches did not stand up or speak up for all the horrific animal abuse going on in this world.  After all, animals are God's creations, as well.  How can the church seemingly turn a blind eye and ear to all their suffering.  I stopped going to church several months ago because the minister became so upset at me for being an advocate for animals that his letters to me got angrier and angrier. The last letter was so mean toward animals, and I assume me, that my daughter tore it up and would not let me read it because she said that it would upset me greatly.

During services, this minister would go out of his way to tell stories about "dumb" animals (and everyone I could see would laugh hysterically at this).   And the last few Sundays I attended this church he would, each time, say, "And human beings are the ONLY ones that God breathed the breath of life into." I, myself know that there are Bible verses that say differently. 

I even wrote to the Billy Graham organization and they said that the Bible give NO proof that animals have souls and that maybe animals are just here for people to enjoy now.  I am incensed at the arrogance of "humans." 

Since stopping church I have written five brief letters to other area churches and only one even answered me.  In the letters I said that I wanted to attend a church where at least the pastor/people would keep an open mind that animals may have souls.   I said that personally I had no doubt that they do.  Even the church that answered me said basically the same thing that the Billy Graham association said.

I have had two supernatural experiences that to me have proved that animals have souls. When I presented these experiences to these same religious leaders I was told by at least one of them that any experiences like this are from Satan, not God. 

It seems to me that if peoples' minds are so closed and their vision is so narrow or none existent, that no matter what you say they will refuse to change their beliefs. I can't understand what is so scary to them about animals having souls that they refuse to even entertain the idea.  Does it somehow make these people feel less superior or important?  How can they talk about God's Love and apply it only to themselves. I just don't get it.

My feelings of aloneness are that I have absolutely no one in my life who feels and thinks as I do.  I sit in the woods alone with my thoughts and talk to Jesus.   But my loneliness is nothing at all compared to the loneliness of the suffering animal creations in this world.  I am going to stop now because this is already getting to long.

Alone with the animals,

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