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By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Mike Shaw
27 May 2001

Dear Frank,

I am writing to you at your own address because I have never been able to access the CVA list properly. I get some email from it but not all and when I send to it, about one out ten of my letters seem to make it.

Anyway, I can really relate to your recent letter regarding the clergy meeting you were at.  And, I can relate to Pat's letter.  People just don't seem to care.

There are so many assumptions in the Churches... it appears that few have really thought out the positions of animals in God's creation nor have the taken the time to study the word.

I know people treat my family like we are from outer space.  When they find out we are vegetarian, it is like we are not human...  Perhaps we no longer are... perhaps we have turned into angels but didn't know it.

Some good news.  I have made two new converts and one, who was the hardest to convince, has become more zealous than myself when it comes to circus protests and so on...  When he first heard I did this type of stuff he laughed... now he says he can not believe he did not see the truth before and he is out there in peoples faces.   This is a friend of mine who was a former bank manager, so even business people locked inside concrete buildings can get in touch with nature...

Take Care

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