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By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Erin Oldford
27 May 2001

Neville, Mary, Frank and all,

Thanks so much for sharing your frustrations and your encouraging words.  Yes, I'm sure most of us on the list have experienced the same frustrations,   Frank,  I feel so blessed to have found Christians who I can share my "animal related" disappointments and beliefs with.  This list (and God) gives me the strength that I need to "keep on keeping on".  The biblical truths revealed here are priceless.  I am comforted by the knowledge that this is truly all in Gods hands, that one beautiful, incredible day all animals will be able to say "I have nothing to fear, and here my story ends.  My troubles are over; I am at home" (last lines from Black Beauty).

In Christ,

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