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lambleft.jpg (4091 bytes)lambrt.jpg (4118 bytes)Feelings of Aloneness
By people of compassion
- The Church is Chasing People Away -

Response by Carrie Anthony
11 May 2001

Dear Pat:

I understand exactly how you are feeling.  But please put your faith in God, not human beings.  Human being are often misguided and use the Bible to justify their own actions whether God intended things to be that way or not.   Unfortunately I too have not found Ministers in the Churches I have attended to be very sensitive to animal rights.  In fact, the Minister who was newly appointed to the Church that I became a member of many years ago, got elected the very day he gave a sermon about the Shepherd who had to "break the leg" of one of his lost sheep in order to keep him "in line." I was quite saddened by this example that has been now used on more than one occasion in parables shared with members.  I feel it is as if he is condoning animal cruelty which can also easily translate into wife abuse and child abuse for "their own good." Still, I trust that God can lead us all to the right path. And I know if you trust in him he will show you your purpose and help you through difficult days.

In God's Love


Thank you so much for your thoughts.  And thank you for sharing the beautiful quotation.  I'd like to have it framed and on my wall.  I agree that it is difficult to prioritize the cruelty within the world.  We each have to contribute in our own ways.


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