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By Sam - 7 Jul 2018

Good Afternoon Frank,

I just watched another documentary film, Dominion, last Thursday (The director said that it has no direct connection with one of my favorites and the same titled book by Mathew Scully).  

It was a screening event in New York City at the movie theater in Times Square and I was surprised that so many people joined the event.

This Australian film had a totally different aspect from another film, Eating Animals.

It focused for each animal (pig, egg/chick, chicken, turkey, duck, cow, fish, lamb, goat, dog, horse, mouse, rat, exotic animals, etc.) from birth to death in a farming factory or other facilities such as a lab and zoo, but the main part was a torturing and a slaughtering with many bloods and carcasses.

I think I had seen some of the footages or similar footages before from PETA or other organizations, but it was an extremely gut-wrenching and almost like a torture for two hours..

I heard some people sobbing or gasping and some people got out from the screening room including little kids with tears (the film is rated MA15+ in Australia). 

I felt like I need something "self-care" after watching this film (actually, the following official website of the film has a "self-care" page), but I was relieved a bit and much encouraged by a 9 years old girl who said at the Q&A after the screening, "it was so much pain to watch the movie but I came here because I want to save the animals".

I believe she is our future. 

Please check the following website if you have a chance.

Have a blessed weekend!

Many blessings,


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