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By Janine - 11 Jun 2018

Dear Frank and Mary,

 Am wondering are you familiar with an ancient tradition during first nine days of the month of AV, please?

What some Orthodox (or religious) Jews continue to do for the first nine months of the beginning of the month of Av, leading up to the fast of Tisha B'Av, is refrain from eating ALL animal products, and on the Day of Atonement (another fast day) not allowed to wear leather because it comes from the suffering of animals (non-leather shoes for example).

I'm putting together a special program of awareness so that this can be accomplished, not just for nine days, but for 21-days, between the following two fast days 17th of Tamuz and 9th of Av, 30th June 2018 and 21st July 2018. Those who are following SAD diet (it's very sad isn't it, what the Standard American Diet includes?) those individuals could consider becoming vegetarian, and those who are already vegetarian could become vegan, and those who are vegan try changing 21-days RAW-vegan, and those who are raw-vegan, either fruitarian, or liquidarian or even breatharian! There is a 21-day program for all sorts of dietary lifestyle changes, for spiritual growth, and to enhance vibration-field coming from within the person and to radiate more love and compassion outwardly as a result! Less cruelty, no harm done, less negativity and more abundant peace. When nobody is hungry no more wars...



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