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By Beverly - 23 May 2018

First of all, I've enjoyed the webpage reading - to the fullest!!!  I'd been searching out whether or not our ancient Hebrew Israelite forefathers enjoyed a vegan diet.  I've become a vegan since almost two months ago.  I must admit that I've "slipped" about two to three times, but I realize there's a process.  The reason I'd changed is because I'd read this webpage -, which thoroughly convinced me that I could only live disease-free and my latter life by letting go of the animal-eating, along with animal by-products.  

The one questions I have is how does one leave their job/livelihood to move to our homeland, with no viable savings or anyone who could support or help us while we adjust enough so that we may thrive there?  I've a very decent jot as an interpreter for the Deaf at a local high school in Tennessee, and my spouse is on SSI, which is a VERY limited income.  Another quesion is how safe is the land in which you live?  Where I now live, it's a very dangerous city, and my spouse and I bought land out in the country where it's relatively pretty safe and quiet.  I know that I'd have no huge problems adjusting to our own culture, and I've seen pictures of the Dimona people, and the moment I saw them, I felt like I was a part of you; I felt a sense of calm deep within me; I KNOW this is where I belong!!!

Please, if you could give us any advice, I'm all ears!  May the blessings of the Father be upon each and every one of you was you fulfill The Most High's prophecy!!!  Love and Peace!


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