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By Joe - 14 May 2018

Re: All Creatures Do Go to Heaven

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you for your email, yes I had that feeling too, but was never sure. I had some chats with email with him back in 2012 then for some reason he stopped responding, I thought that he might have got offended as I had some different views at the the time. I even have chatted once on the phone with him as well. His book and having a chat with him played a big part of the turning point of my life that brought me closer to Jesus'. I never forgotten him and he is always in my prayers.

I am wondering if  more known information can be found then may be something should be written about him on the net like wikipedia? I know he was an agricultural engineer back in England and Australia and his father was a Wesleyan preacher.

I had some emails with him telling me a bit about himself, but unfortunately I have lost them when I had a problem with my pc. Though I do have part of the verbal chat on the phone recorded on my pc. I was so happy that he called me, I pressed a record as I valued what he had to say very much.

I never forgot when he said to to me we have about 8 years for the Lord to come that was 6 years ago. I have been waiting for the Lord ever since as this world cannot keep going in the way it is.

Kind Regards,


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