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By Sam - 30 Mar 2018

Hello Pastor Hoffman,

Praise the Lord.

Thank you for your sermon every time I love to read.

Actually, I am in a very difficult situation now as a "Vegan Christian" in my church.

Like other churches, our church sometime has a luncheon gathering after the worship, but most of the foods are meats and I am keeping away from the gathering. I have been asked by our members, why do you never attend the luncheon and I have been answered like: "I am busy today", "I feel sick today", "I am not hungry now", etc. But, recently I told them the reason why I am Vegan and I cannot eat meats.

Some people said oh..OK, but some people said it might be a problem and they started to criticize me. One of the people said that if you are Vegan, you are NOT Christian. Because, the Bible said about how to offer, kill, and eat animals, and that God ordered to Moses about them (Numbers and Deuteronomy). Therefore, if you think a killing and an eating animals are not right, you are NOT right as a Christian.

I love Jesus so much, I never miss a Sunday worship, and I think I am very religious Christian, but I cannot accept an offering nor a killing nor an eating animals which are written in the Scripture. Do you really think our God allows (or order) to offer, kill, and eat animals?

I cannot believe the God which has those ideas!

Now I am almost losing my faith as a "right Christian".. Please give me your advice.

Thank you and God bless you.


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