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By Cheryl - 9 Mar 2018

I want a campaign to pursuade (white) persons, (those who are not of decent that have nappy hair), to work on a conversion diet, and for those that do,to work with us,admitting that they might need meat and we don't.

Where I live, I might able to find a small group of willing persons to take on a road trip,soon. This small group will be a handful,of both colors, speaking the same message.

We would keep Bible passages mostly to the minimum, to prove points of peace,but mostly to state the possible peace achievements and health benefits that agreements between peoples can cause.

I want to know if your organization would like to support in any way.

I'm just piecing it together now.  The best way to work on it would be to send out volunteers from different orgs around the country, to do an agreed presentation, in their area.

I would like to know if it is acceptable to agree,that differences in beliefs need room to grow  and experiment,isolated from the oppression of the strict beliefs of a church, and that this is important enough to gain on holding health informationals, rather than getting stuck on details that are relatively able to be called myth.

Specifically,  if you are out west,if there is a group that holds both colors, that would like to travel that area, to get the need met. It would help to find a volunteer to help plan and organize.


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