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By Cheryl - 8 Mar 2018

Hi Frank and Mary.

I thank you for emailing me back.

I assure you, not all animals are designed to be plant based diet eaters.  Let lions be lions and let lambs be lambs.

I think plants do move. You say they do, to light and water.  What about to nutrition, and emotional stimuli?

Have you ever "hugged" a tree?

The first time,you might find them hard and unbending. But later,especially if you are worried about tree health in general, you might find yourself sensitive enough to use care,when going to wrap around the tree.  Next you might find,if the tree is unhealthy, that it's spirit does not enclose entirely inside the bark, but hangs out. You look for what makes a tree happy.

One thing that can be proven as theory that trees move,is that a stronger tree will act as protective of a tree near it that is in some kind of environmental trouble.  Or similarly, to avoid power lines, so that it's main artery branches can stretch out nearby, to grow differently from where they otherwise would have,or to regrow.  I've seen about everything.

To uproot and change to a different location might not be the brightest idea for a tree,anyway,so I wouldn't worry about it.  Answering the question of whether trees move is sort of in what you compare it to.

It's slower and less obvious, than something that can pick up it's feet and walk.  I think it also has to do with the amount and quality of the emotional experience of the social culture where they are sitting,of all the animals,including humans.

I've got another way to ask and answer it. What causes a bird to choose a certain tree and a certain set of branches to build it's nest? Birdwatchers might share their secrets.

I think it should be supposed that they do move,because they are alive.  The grow,their bark might change,and they will die down on their own.  They move like trees move. It's not too noticeable to us, but to an ant crawling on the surface, I'm sure their relationship is different.  All earthlings are God's creatures. We can live in peace believing in life cycles,that Nature replenishes itself, and that some animals are meant to keep track of, and kill and eat, other animals, and some are meant to care for the soil, ensure growth maintains, and be feeders. And some are meant to walk upright.  Like us.  We would have overpopulated and starved out by now, if all animals adjusted to a plant-based diet, and it is a proud job that predator animals do. I believe humans are not, by nature meat eaters, but wars have happened and it has been with us.  So, the encouragement, to me,would be to explain that it's not healthy for us,physically,mentally or spiritually,so we have to work on change.

When I try to look up Bible passages on the subject, I find the topic changing quickly to that of the condemnation of the people for having a "bad heart".  It is interesting, once one has become vegan ,how the physical and the emotional/mental qualities change together.  Heart disease today,clearly stated as having been caused by the over-consumption of meat in one's diet, is just as easily corrected by finding the passages where the subject was brought up, and also brought tension and haste in the Bible days.  Somethings won't change until all of the information is carefully noted into today's standards.  It tells us one thing.  Today's physicians must be convinced by their own chemical logic, that we could be living twice,three times as long,maybe more,if better attention were taken to diet in humans. One last thing.  The clergy may be of help, too.  That is to say that after guilt is gone or reduced,for any reason, having been eating meat included,causes a new sense of spirit, a new ability to think and get through things. And, of course to define compassion for other animals.

What has kept me going through years of volunteering my efforts to care for other animals, especially urban wildlife,is that,Nature doesn't get paid. Nature works hard for us.I feed out and I hope others follow in my footsteps.  And I've come along way to be in a position to help big, in our worse problems.  I do it all for them. Once  you can do that,you come full circle and start to be of better service to humans,when you can. I give ideas and need help to convince congress that we need to get more ecologically minded,and that new, localizing entertainment and communication ideas can come in,that serve everyone, and make life alot more fun.

Get Creative!

Cheryl Elkinton

Vegan Haven Central, Inc

Madison, WI

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