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By Janine - 25 Oct 2017

Dear Frank and Mary,

In thinking about Will Tuttle's book: the World Peace Diet?

Am wondering, now, did anyone ever think of a THREE State Middle East solution? If veganism is a proponent of creating peace and harmony, then according to World Peace Diet, it should follow that having a third "STATE" that is vegan, living harmoniously right in between the other two fighting states would be a good example, banishing fear, replacing it with unconditional love, and it could serve as an "experiment" to the rest of the world, showing how it COULD positively influence BOTH other States on either side of it, don't you see, to live more peacefully and encourage both the inhabitants of each state to adopt veganism in their lifestyles as well! Proof in action, right?

You know in a California Prison they did the experiment of feeding inmates with a vegan diet and what the miraculous outcome was, right? Violence eliminated totally from those who became vegans and they got parole and their sentences were reduced!



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