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By Joyce - 21 May 2017


One of my Mormon neighbor’s hens ended up In my horse area torn up, obviously by my dogs.  The reason the hen was here is because they let their hens roam all over all the time.  Not fenced in at all.  I took the hen back, had cried over the poor girl.  Well, in the conversation that followed, my beloved friend Heidi told me they eat all their wethers, and always have.  WOW!! That blew my mind AWAY.  She said they know all about the horrible things happening to the animals in today’s world, and they ACCEPT all that!!   She said they bought the place, next door to me, so they could have animals, raise them, and kill them and eat them.  She blew away my opinion of her as a loving, Jesus pleasing person in an instant!!  I told her I cried about her goats in the morning (who she said she would get rid of because they got out) and I cried about her hens in the afternoon, carrying over there the headless body of the poor hen.  She did not, nor has she at any time, expressed any compassion or caring about bad things happening to their animals.  “Things happen,” she says.  She threw the poor hen ‘s body in the garbage roughly, not caring at all about it. 

Now, the place I’m looking at outside this bay window is a slaughter yard to me.  What about the 2 precious lambs that are running around in the sun enjoying life?  Are they going to have their throats slit too? What about the goat wether? 

They have animals that come and go over there.  She said they purposely hid from me the killing and eating part because they know I love the animals.  On the other hand, they have been wonderful to me in so many ways, so many times, and I truly love that family.  They consider ME family! 

Quite a dilemma – people I truly love, killing animals I truly love!

I am suspending relating with them, will pray to Jesus, and hope a miracle happens.  Does their Mormon faith encourage killing and eating animals?  Raising your own as a sustainability thing?  

So, there’s a story, Frank.  God Bless Your Ministry.  (I never want to be a person who cannot cry over a poor hen’s death). 


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