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By Joyce - 11 May 2017

Ya, Frank,

Veda said use the phrase ďplant basedĒ diet instead of vegan.  Much research does show that eating animal products is unhealthy.  I want to come at that softly.  I donít want to turn a certain proportion of readers totally off by saying vegan!  Then they wonít even read what I have to say!  

Healthy eating and nourishing has been a true long-term hobby for me.  Iím always interested in whatís new.  Now into lengthening my telomeres and enhancing my mitochondria.  As I mentioned to Veda, as far as I know, the vegan message is ONLY donít eat animal stuff.  But where is the emphasis on eating healthily what is eaten. 

For all I know, vegans munch down on junk food like white flour and sugar, all sorts of chemicals in all sorts of processed foods.  I bought some fake cheese last payday.  I didnít like it at all, and the ingredients were not on my health list either.  Just an idea.  Maybe over-all whole grains, organic foods, all that stuff should be talked about by vegans.      

God bless your ministry, Frank.  


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