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By Charles - 24 Jan 2017

Dear loving servant of God,

It is God is plan for us to know each other in this modern program and we pray that God who we serve our relationship to continue and by believing that, we are all Abraham's descendants that means we shall rejoice together from this Earth until Heaven, by carrying burden to one another.

From my innermost heart i am poor but God cares me my family and orphans through His mercy. If i could have any job i could have asked a loan so that i finance you to come and preach good news of which God has imparted in you and and your entire family. I beach you through the mercies of God plan to come even although it will take time but feel free to come and give us the word. Acts 16:9. Pray for us and take our request to your board and pray for!

God bless you all!

Pastor Charles

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