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By Janine - 21 Feb 2017

Dear Frank and Mary,

You are both quite brilliant! Real luminaries!

Thanks a million for encouraging me. Guess what I discovered by looking at simple Gematria about One, Love, and G-d?

You can't imagine how my spirits are soaring and how significant what this actually means!


On topic, straight to the point, and immensely intelligent observation using a mathematical equation in a very simple equation with this type of format as follows, please, look below, scroll down briefly and let me know if what I'm writing, please, makes sense, okay? Here goes:

One אחד



Love אהבה



G-d יהוה


The significance in this equation is realizing that man is not alone. I am not just me, existing all by myself. I am blessed because G-d is with me, in fact G-d is WITHIN me, right inside me, and also everywhere outside of me too, as always.

If we think that we are one and G-d is one, then that's not enough, because the Gematria-mathematics alone, simply may not have added up. (13 does not equal 26)

Now, the original equation, just as it is written above, gives us this simplistic logic, of realizing that in order to be equal from a Gematria-numerical point of view, we take ourselves, (each one of us) (13) and then we add the love to each of us, (13) and then we get the equivalent of G-dliness, the 26. BRILLIANT! Light bulb goes on...

Now, consider the longer explanation as follows, Frank:

Why do I state the abbreviated conclusion about not being alone, as written above, Frank?

Try to think of it this way, Frank:

G-d is 26, the sum of me and my love for G-d. Now do you get it? I am the ONE, (me, myself, and I). Love is what helps me become WHOLE, otherwise I'd only be half of G-dliness... Now, what do I mean by that???

Don't we all wish to be completely G-d-like?

Here's the explanation in more detail, Frank: For it is up to me to magnify this LOVE so that together, when I am loving, I am in "partnership" with this LOVE and by doing that I'm also in partnership with G-d since G-d is Love, and when this LOVE becomes the "greater part" of the sum of the emotions I might be feeling at any point, or in other words when I am able to "fill-up" my internal "gas tank" or vessel for my soul, with so much of this love so that I never run out of love, and can keep loving others and extending this love outwardly, then the more love I give, the more loving I become, and my entity doesn't try to run on an "empty" tank, and then when this love is so "full-up" and is spilling over, then "I, and this love" am experiencing these truly G-dlike attributes, for I am intertwining my being with G-d's loving devotion, and "BEING" in the moment, full of this LOVE OF GOD and then G-d, on the other hand, becomes fulfilled (from my point of view) since G-d "needs" me to be loving and to be believing in this love, that it is a G-d-given-gift, this amazing love, we never run out of it, it is always present, and we are fortifying the G-d through acknowledging that we ourselves are made, ourselves, right in the image of G-d, and since G-d is a loving kind compassionate G-d then we are Loving, kind, and compassionate, as well, and this love (plus us immersed in this love) is the mirror-image of what G-d's essence is, namely that G-d is each and every one of us plus each and every one of our love!!! Does this explanation now make sense?



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