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By Janine - 22 Jan 2017

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thanks for your insight on heavenly peace on earth.

It is probably no coincidence that in the past few days I have been receiving messages with all sorts of quotes some of which contain reference to Heaven in one way or another.

Whatever the group, or leader, or spokesperson is trying to "get" by interpreting the connection he or she makes with regard to heaven, the result is amazing, isn't it?

Here's someone's delving deep result of looking at an Aramaic saying which is two words long, with its current translation into the English language that is connected to Heaven:

"The key to the heavenly kingdom lies in the real meaning of the seldom understood term 'the holy spirit'.

In Aramaic it is rukha koodsha.

Rukha means spirit, breath, wind, air, electricity, vitality.

Koodsha means holy (in accordance with universal law).

It has always been known that the breath is the key to the transpersonal state. So, the holy breath is the bridge to the heavenly kingdom."
- Lars Muhl





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