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By Kenneth - 21 Jan 2017

Dear Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation personnel:

Over the years, and recently also, I have been limited in how much income I have been able to acquire; due to various factors; some possibly related to my own ineptitude. 

Therefore my donations have been meager. 

I have however written 80+ essays myself.

Somehow it occurred to me that I possibly should send only some of these essays and notes that I have written myself, and also some helpful downloaded internet articles, to you, as is;

Both to see if any of them could help you and your organization and the cause of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and also to see if you could suggest help for me.  

I am hoping to use my partial university and college education and essays, notes, amateur designs for products, etc, to help save starving people including orphans, and to help save the animals, as indicated in my essays, etc., and to hopefully earn somehow an income for myself, also.  

I thus am referring to my website that I signed up for on the website- building company website.  My website's name is Help-Rescue-Efforts and its website address is .

I have written over 23 essays and website pages myself; and I have hoped that it would be o.k. to download pages from websites that I thought would be worthwhile.

I have also included some pages of your website,

Please advise me if this fact is objectionable or not wanted by you and your website.

I hope that such has not offended you concerning such.  Please let me know about such matters. 

Thank you.

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