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By Craig - 11 Jan 2017

Hi Pastor Frank,

Great to see your YouTube video about evil people corrupting Creation.  I appreciate your bravery in putting yourself "on camera" to make the points you made.  If only other religious leaders would follow your lead, and bring these subjects up with their congregations. 

However, so far, these "sensitive subjects" appear to be oft-ignored, so as to not wreak havoc within the church with this kind of "blasphemy" (I know I'm stretching the real definition of blasphemy, but just doing so for emphasis)!

The article under "Good News..." about "The Suffering...Religious Leaders" is a good one, tying in with your message.

Now the question is, how do we get what is written and videoed into the hands of all the pastors and all of their respective "flocks"?  Maybe by first trying to get their email addresses and sending them the information, and Will Tuttle's VegInspirations for starters.  A daunting task, yes, but how else can we actually "get to them"?

I'm on your side, but as I've said before, when I get this excellent information, it still strikes me as "preaching to the choir."  We need to expand the choir, by going directly to the pastors and churches and all religious organizations and their followers everywhere.

Best wishes and thanks,

Craig Cline

P.S.  I'm sending a copy of this message to Will Tuttle.  He's been traveling to many countries, including China, Japan, etc.  Outreach to the Asians is a big deal, given their enormous populations; India tool..

All people in all countries should be asked to understand speciesism, and also asked to move towards veganism as a major means by which to confront and end it.

Reaching out to those who are religious is so key, given that they represent the majority of people on the planet, about 70%.  And of those 5 billion+ people, over 40% are Christians, "owners" of their conveniently ignored Golden Rule.  That's over 2 billion people who absolutely must get messaging like that put forth by you and Will.  They represent a "tipping point" that we need to get to much faster than we have in the past.

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