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By Sean - 16 Dec 2016

Dear Frank/Mary,

Sometimes, I feel so stuck. I mean my Dad is a good man, good father, good teacher in computer science (a Boise State University class), but he, the rest of my family, and others in town keep putting me on a proverbial razorís edge.

On the one hand, a life shared with an insanely beautiful woman in a vegan paradise called Los Angeles, and a Christmas in northern California where she and I can snow tube through most of that day and enjoy the southern California year-round with fellow vegans, and non-vegans in my life can be things of the past.

On the other hand, a life with social security, my Dadís guardianship, his & my medical insurance, and the obligation to tolerate this pointless compromise with my idea of good Thanksgiving/Christmas/Easter meals and these animals Dad and others enjoy, leading to the need not to explode and say how much that sucks, leading to a possible position where Iím a vegan version of a bridge troll in a certain fairy tale.



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