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By Janine - 15 Dec 2016

Dear Frank,

I think a long time ago, I might have shared my Mother's poem with you, but here it is again, because in the last email I wrote you the topic "love" was discussed, and in my Mother's poem, there is also one verse that speaks of love, ...and the imperative to: "LOVE the world MORE!!!!" 

Is it by loving G-d, Frank, that we can accomplish that, please? Maybe, by showing how this transcends all other emotions, by feeling this love, Frank, we can expound in this meaning, because it is for the love of the Lord also, isn't it, that we can be more in tune, and isn't it by knowing that G-d created the world, and that "it was good," as was written in Genesis, and if we truly love G-d with all our soul, our mind and our might then since the world has been created by G-d, then ultimately, as my Mother has indicated in her poem, we should then also love the world more, as well, does this make sense, or did I not understand it correctly? How does the verse that my Mother wrote (see emphasized line below) translate, in relation to her poem, Frank? 

See below:


The Star of David

© by Freda Handler 2010

In this, our promised land
So faithfully, we stand
We are united, hand in hand
Our roots spread deep in soil

Our heritage forever, that's impossible to spoil
Pray we can make peace
For good of all mankind
We must be a light unto all nations ---
Must have good relations

"Next year in Jerusalem,"
Said that for generations,
United we stand,
Here forever after,

Shed less tears, more laughter!
Surely need much more patience
We shall be a light unto all nations,
We must love the world more,

We must also try to make life better than before,
And become a great nation;
With Go-d's help we shall succeed,
Not by words alone, but deeds!


What do you think about her poem, Frank? Thanks for your feedback!

Obviously it must be difficult to try to "love the world more," as she ends up concluding that we could only do that, "with G-d's Help" which means, I think, that we really have to LOVE G-d first, doesn't it???

On another note, were you ever able to "figure out" how to leave a comment(hopefully an inspiring one) under my YouTube Video, Frank? "The Heavens Say" It's about G-d's Glory, etc., etc… 

Should I include the verses (typed up) so you can read it while listening to it (my voice is too soft and some of the words are inaudible)… I'm playing harp while singing...

...what do you think?

I think quite a lot of people listened to it, but very few have commented on it, so far…




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