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By Sean - 10 Dec 2016

Well, that kind of makes the movie a mixed-bag, like many I ever liked; on the one hand, great performances. On the other hand, good chances of things being the result of animal exploitation.

To think I toyed with the idea of Jim Carrey and Mike Myers in “The Grinch Grinches The Cat in the Hat” updated and connected with those Universal Pictures films each guy was in, or else, I could do both (if they’d want to save a nickel or two) assisted by tricks used for “The Parent Trap”.

Sure, the costumes, according to the behind-the-scenes things I saw/heard, were hot, but I’ve been minding itches and heat less and less since I’ve become a vegan.

Come to think of it, I’ve been minding so many things less and less; thrills from park rides, 3-D movies, hot peppers, even occasional wet socks (though they still are annoying).


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