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By Sean - 8 Dec 2016


I was reminded that fruits and vegetables need to be pollenated. Which begs the question: is there a chance of vegans inadvertently supporting the campaign of inhumane exploitation?

Another thing, it would make sense, pardon the change of subject, if I paired with a woman who knows very well what it’s like growing up with luxuries such as McDonald’s, certain brands of pizzas, hot dogs, et cetera, then after adulthood begins, learning about REAL animals with REAL problems and deciding “I’ll begin again”, then going through the difficulties of both keeping the love with family alive, and tolerating the clash of interests with food during summer and Christmas reunions no matter how inhumane and sickening it is; not just their enjoying it, but statements like “No meat OR cheese? That’s SO SAD” or “One day, you’ll eat my Thanksgiving turkey again” or “your veganism is an insult to his/her/their cooking”.

Not to mention, that transition from determined to be a do-nothing to the determination to brave the outside world and the thrills in it, good AND bad.

Of course, it’d make sense if she and I didn’t call each other “Honey”.



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