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By Sean - 4 Dec 2016


“If we are fully living in the heavenly will of God, we will be able to see through these falsehoods and recognize the evil for what it is, and avoid it and those who promote it.”

I can understand that.

My sister has this problem with tree-nuts and peanuts; since I learned that fact, seeing a RITZ commercial, before I swore to veganism, ending with the announcer asking the rhetorical question, “Who could resist RITZ bits sandwiches with peanut butter?” THAT would cue me to say “Rachel and others with such allergies!!” OR at least roll my eyes. The same went with an alternative ad involving the same product but with cheese. “Who, on Earth, could resist RITZ bits sandwiches with cheese?” In spite of full knowledge that it was also a rhetorical question, I’d have half a mind to say “Those who are lactose intolerant, of course!!” I, after all, learned about THAT problem with certain people.

Now that I’m a vegan, I would think a “Happy Meal” should be a “Meal of Falsehoods” or something!



PS: Of all commercial Christmas things, the SO Delicious beverages (one with mint chocolate flavor and the other that is “Nog”) I enjoy best.

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