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By Patricia - 2 Dec 2016

Hello friends,

I love your website, the sermons I read, the Christian Vegetarian Association, and everything about what you are doing. Thank you SO much for being a voice crying in the wilderness sharing a truth that so desperately needs to be hear.

I am helping to coordinate the building of Jesus Vegans Community, and I know that soon we will be doing things like giving lectures and leafleting and doing other outreach. And I will be giving a donation soon as well.

I wonder if you could look over our website, which is still in process, and see if you might know of anyone who would like to get to know us better and explore living in community. Perhaps someone has had a life-long dream to do so. We are welcoming founding members who share your values, and ours as well.

We are, so far, comprised of Christian Universalists. I hope that won't be a dividing factor.

If someone wants to come out and work and just explore being a member, we are able to pay people to do things like carpentry, setting up solar system, and helping to set up an aquaponics system. (we will not eat or sell the fish)

I feel inspired by what you are doing. Thank you for your hard work. I look forward to getting to know you better by exploring your website and hopefully meeting someone in your organization.



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