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By Francine - 1 Dec 2016

Lately, I can’t stand myself, I want to go back to the oblivion that I used to live my life in. 

I was always generally kind and loving to animals, kitties, doggies but never thought about farm animals the food we ate, the fur people wore (not me), the chickens, the turkeys, the horses, the pigs, experiments on animals and the cruelty of people in general, the evil animal breeders etc… etc… oh, yes, lets not forget the cock fights and the pit-bull fights and the abandonment of animals on the streets.  I think I am going crazy !!! 

I want to save everybody but I know it is NOT my job and until the LORD comes back this will be the plight of his creatures.  Every day I pray that HE will send an angel or a pure SPIRIT to surround them with peace and keep them calm until it is over so that they will know that their CREATOR loves them. 

 I am the mother of six kitties all were feral babies, I adore them and love watching them play and kiss each other, they are so innocent.  They curl up with me while I am reading, I bask in their affection and thank the LORD for this moment in time. 

I do NOT know how to live with this pain that is growing inside of me every day, I need to live the life GOD gave me, I am usually a very joyful and loving person.  I have been quite ill for an entire month so maybe this has something to do with my sensitivity.  However, I DO NOT like this evil world.  I even worry about what will happen to my babies when the “RAPTURE” comes, I worry about all the wild fires and all those animals, I hate hunters, HOW CAN I LIVE!!!???


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