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By Janine - 10 Sep 2016

Dearest Frank and Mary,

Thank you immensely for your few words of gratitude. I was worried in case I wrote too long of a note with all those details, but it was indeed quite thoughtful of you to acknowledge that I do appreciate all of your efforts and once again, I believe that you are both doing a FANTASTIC job of moderating your list, and being in-tune to receiving G-d's guidance moving you to continue to be spiritually inspired and preach sermons that are an example of gifted insight and thoughtfulness!

In my case, due to my TBI I always am afraid I'll say preposterous comments and make people angry with insensitive remarks because it is very frustrating when all these thoughts pop in and out of my head too frightfully disconnected and I often get confused and discouraged resulting in even worse cognitive dysfunction, having to stop midstream, take a breath and recompose if you understand how that might feel, it is as if a tornado or other type of storm were twirling around in my mind and at that time I'm at a loss for words even though I come close to saying something I intended to say after hesitating, it is not the right word, and the thoughts get mixed up!

Thanks so much to you, Frank, for allowing me to communicate with you one-on-one as I try hard to stay focused on healing my brain, and continue to explore modalities that are calming (such as meditation) and help with better lucid thinking. I'm getting music therapy sessions at the university and also just purchased a DVD called Neuro-Therapeutic Yoga!

In addition to some of the above things, I do laughter exercises (called "Laughter Yoga!") and also Brain Gym activities. Now, I must confess that I am extremely fortunate that one of my cats likes to "massage" me with his paws, snuggling together, while purring at the same time (you may have witnessed such a strange connection before, he behaves as if he is still a kitten pawing, while being given comfort by his Human-Momma/substitute for his cat-Momma, as I stroke him softly, and sign lullabies to him, and in return, he purrs loudly, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)...

I learn a lot from the partially domesticated animals at home and wild ones, as well, about trust, about fear, and the most important feeling, LOVE made possible through trust! Each individual creature has its own unique characteristics, some more loving traits than others, but most evident is that they have a strong sense of "SELF" and recognize their names that we humans bestow upon them. I wonder what "names" subconsciously that they might give to each of us individual humans, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...?

Our cats, for example, also DO understand "collective" words for concepts such as groups of animals or other types of creatures (they know the words for mice very well, for example and get excited stalking and pawing, sniffing, when encouraged to go hunting, letting me know they do understand what is expected of them (that's due to their predator nature, as sad as it is from the point of view of the prey) although there are many vegans who have succeeded in finding supplements excluding all animal derivatives from their in-take of food (AmiCat is a good example of a balanced completely vegan dry cat food with added Taurine, that the cats do eat which we continue to feed them from time to time) but we don't discourage the cats from hunting, since it's a much better more natural option that having to use alternatives, such as traps with jaws that could harm them, or other methods with baits, etc., etc....   

Who was it who said that the vocabulary of a cat is their ability to absorb (comprehending) about twenty human words? I believe with developing a cat-sign-language this would prove that they actually had the capability of demonstrating a far more complex communication system, because it was only when Koko the gorilla was taught sign-language that humans began to realize how intelligent a create she really was! This might have "proved" that humans have so much to learn about non-human non-verbal communication, don't we, especially since Koko taught her adopted "child" gorilla the signs she was taught by her human care-givers. Now, isn't that amazing?

I trust that you'll both have a splendid weekend and a special rewarding Sunday tomorrow, and that you continue to be blessed.

Hugs, Smiles,

Much Laughter

and Loads of Admiration


With Love Always,

xo  xo  xo


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